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Special Sushi Rolls

1American Maki   🐳  /   © / 12.95
 BBQ Eel, cucumber, cream cheese,    
 topped with BBQ eel,roe, eel sauce   
2BEST FRIEND 🐳  /   ©11.95
 Tempura shrimp, avocado, cream cheese,  
 Topped with tem salmon, Roe , Eel sauce Sp mayo   
3Crunchy  (Tempura) 🐳  /   © 10.95
 Salmon, Elskolar , creamchese , asparagus ,   
 Topped with Roe, Eel sauce , Sp Mayo  
4Fireman  (Tempura)🐳  /   © /  R11.95
 Spicy tuna , Cream cheese, Krab Stick ,  
 topped with Roe, Eel sauce , Sp Mayo, Sriracha  
5Magic Shrimp Krab ©️/🐳11.95
 Tempura shrimp, avocado, cream cheese,   
 Topped With Krab Stick , Roe ,Eel Sauce ,SP Mayo  
6RainBow  10.95
 Krab stik , Cucumber , Avocado   
 Topped  with 4 kinds of fresh raw Fish, No sauce   
7Salmon Lover  / R11.95
 Spicy Salmon, cucumber, Asparagus   
 topped with Fresh Salmon , Roe,no Sauce   
8Spider Roll /©️11.95
 Soft Shell crab ,Roe,Asparagus,Avo,Cream cheese   
 seweed out side , Eel sauce,10 cuts  
9Tuna lover  /R11.95
 Spicy tuna Cucumber ,Asparagus   
 topped With Fresh Tuna, Roe,no Sauce   
10Futomaki ©️🥦  10.95
 Seweed outside ,Eel sauce 10 cuts   
11yumy yami/R11.95
 Amber Jack , Elscolar, cucumber, Scallion  
 Topped with,Amber Jack , Elscolar, Roe, miso sauce